Thinking about our publication…

Alec Soth - The Last Days of W - Front Cover

Alec Soth - The Last Days of W - Front Cover

Alec Soth - The Last Days of W - Title Page

Alec Soth - The Last Days of W - Title Page

Alec Soth - The Last Days of W - pages 6-7

Alec Soth - The Last Days of W - pages 6-7

I have been meaning to write this post for some time, but with a meeting tomorrow and the main topic of conversation likely to be the publication, maybe now is the right time.  When we first started talking about ideas, a couple of months ago, we discussed printing on newsprint and it didn’t take long before somebody mentioned Alec Soth‘s latest publication ‘The Last Days of W‘ (see pictures above).  Initially the idea of using newsprint was proposed as a way of keeping the cost down, but the group got quite excited about the idea of producing a ‘sort of’ newspaper as there seemed to be something complimentary about their disposable and transient nature in relation to the exhibition’s theme ‘Lost In Transit’. Continue reading


Shameless Self-Promotion

YVI Magazine issue 3: Modern Explorers - cover

YVI Magazine issue 3: Modern Explorers - cover

I am very pleased to announce that a selection of photographs from my cryonics project: ‘The Prospect of Immortality’ have been featured in the new issue of YVI magazine.  The theme for this issue (no.3) is: ‘Modern Explorers’.  If you go to the YVI website you can see a preview of the issue.  I was thrilled to see that I’m in good company –  I am a huge fan of JH Engstrom and I thought Rob Hornstra piece ‘Cement Town’ on the industrial Siberian city of Angarsk was absolutely stunning!

For those of you not yet familiar with YVI magazine it is a new English-language art magazine published in the Netherlands. Each issue of Yvi Magazine focuses on a central (social) theme seen from the perspective of art. A wide range of artistic visions on a pertinent social theme are brought together in the form of photography, design, architecture and visual art. Yvi Magazine is published twice a year.


Work in Progress…

Mountains - Alison Stolwood

Alison Stolwood – Work in Progress

I have been making images of mountains as part of this work so I thought I would post a couple from a shoot in Wales earlier this month…. more

Robert Cahen

Hello 🙂

I went to an exhibition yesterday at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery in Preston. I came across the exhibition by chance. I’d gone on the bus to take Polaroids…of course! …anyway…

The artist is called Robert Cahen, his exhibiton title: Passage….”the human experience of the flow of time, transiency, dreams and memories, realities and perceptions”…

I walked into the gallery and in front of me were 13 TV screens, all playing a different part of the same journey, from a train…

It was very weird because it reminded me so much of what I’m ‘doing’ with my work at the moment. It really cheered me up 🙂 …to have just ‘bumped into’ his work by chance.

That’s usually the best way isn’t it!

Anyway, have a look on the Harris Museum website. Have any of you been there before?

See you all soon. Good luck with your work. I’m sure it will all ‘come together’ soon 🙂

Loads of love

Bella x

So here we are…

© Heather Johnson

Meeting, November, 2008 © Heather Johnson

…gathered around Seba’s work at a meeting last November.  The pictures laid out on the floor became the series ‘A few days more’ – to see more work check out his website.  There is also a great interview with Seba on the Zoum Zoum blog.

Oddly enough, the first time I saw the above picture I was standing at a urinal at Impressions Gallery, I was quite surprised to see a picture of us all displayed in the place usually reserved for advertisements for online gambling, contraceptives and alcohol.  But it has got me thinking, maybe this is the perfect place for a lost in transit exhibition!?


Work in progress…

Lost in Transit - work in progress

Works in progress. Thoughts regarding:

– Landscape – Perception – Climate – Flux –

Now Blogging…

Welcome to the Lost In Transit exhibition’s blog!